Preserved Amaranthus - Color Ecru


Preserved Amaranthus - Color Ecru

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Preserved Amaranthus - Color Ecru

Amaranthus is used as a decorative addition when creating bespoke green moss walls.
Preserved Amaranthus is also used in wedding decorations and in the floristry industry.

Our Amaranthus has been preserved using high-quality agents it is 100% maintenance free, it is extremely soft - natural to the touch.


Height: 50-80 cm

Colour: Ecru 

Weight: 150g

Country of origin Poland

Brand: Preserved Nature

Usage: Do not water / Do not expose to sunlight / Keep away from heat sources / For interior decoration

Comments: The color of the presented product may slightly differ from the color in the picture, this is due to technical differences in the displays on which the products are viewed

Brand:  Preserved Nature

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