Preserved Polar Pillow Moss Medium Green 0.1 m2


Preserved Polar Pillow Moss Medium Green 0.1 m2

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Preserved Polar Pillow Moss / Bun Moss - Medium Green Color

Preserved Polar Pillow Moss in comparison to Premium Preserved Pillow Moss has more toned colors.


As the name suggests, the Polar Pillow Moss comes from the farthest corners of the North, it is obtained from private forests close to the Arctic Circle.

Polar Pillow/Bun Moss is harvested only twice a year - on the spring after snow melts  and  late autumn just before first snow, therefore its availability is very limited.

Polar Pillow Moss compared to Premium Alpine Pillow Moss it is slightly drier to the touch.

Each box contains moss that will cover an area of 0.1 m2 ( 30 x 35 cm ) 

Pillow moss is used to create unique vertical gardens, green walls, moss walls. Bun moss is ideal for florists & wedding decorations, it is used to create exclusive, modern 3d, interior finishing elements such as gardens in the jar, moss wall art.

Advantages of pillow moss:


- maintenance-free,

- long - lasting

- safe,

- relaxing,

- natural three-dimensional bumpy structure,

- varied structure,

- natural color

- quick and easy creation of decorations


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The moss is intended for indoor use, it is not weatherproof.



Brand:  Preserved Moss

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